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Hello! This is a place where I share inspiration, real weddings, and advice from my wedding planning adventures. Explore tips, venues, and vendors in the greater Seattle area, and read about the unique wedding stories that I had the pleasure of planning.

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“The sweet smell of Love in the morning” Jon and Liz met in an art program at a local college in St. Louis. Their unique personalities and artistic talents drew them to each other. Over the next several years their relationship grew as they encouraged each other in their studies, dreams and daily lives. Knowing […]

Feb 25

Liz & Jon’s Proposal Story

Events + Love Stories

   Stacked up to “I Do” A Proposal Story  Bobby and Arielle, both born and raised in Missouri, met while in college and became fast friends. It wasn’t long before their friendship grew into love. Their unique personalities and quirk’s along with their differences made them perfect for each other. Granted as in any relationship there […]

Feb 18

Arielle & Bobby’s Proposal Story

Events + Love Stories

“Under the Willows Care” A Proposal Story Jenn and Chris met at a local community college that is nestled next to a lush field with a lake and a lone willow tree. The pair were drawn to the willow tree and oftentimes were found there in between classes and at the end of the day. […]

Feb 4

Jenn & Chris Cloud’s Proposal Story

Events + Love Stories

“Emerald & Lace; Tradition Meets magic!” Newport Carnegie Hall: Cincinnati, OH On a sun filled yet blustery day the wind sailed friends and family to the magical union of Nicole and Josh. From the moment, they entered the door to taking their seats in anticipation of the ceremony starting all could feel the spell of […]

Aug 5

Nicole & Josh Katz

Events + Love Stories