Planning weddings that reflect your unique personality and story is my passion! 

My aspiration for planning weddings and events started while I was in Interior Design school and helping a childhood friend plan her wedding. Most of the weddings I had attended up to that point were beautiful and fun, but honestly other than the Bride’s Dress, a couple quick details in the officiant’s speech, and the toasts, nothing really spoke to the unique personality and bond of the couple.

Where were the details to draw you into their personal world, the experiences that reflect their story, or the inside jokes?

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If you are here, then you may have noticed the same thing at the weddings you’ve attended and felt like your day could be something more. Maybe it was just a thought or a feeling you couldn’t put into words, but you knew something was off for you.

Many weddings stick with generic elements, just use what’s at their venue or grab whatever’s trending on Pinterest without asking if it really speaks to them. Sometimes, these brides and grooms don’t even feel like it’s their wedding anymore and wonder how it all got away from them.

Who doesn’t want a wedding that reflects who you are, your journey and shows off that amazing, beautiful, and uniquely-you love story that you both get to live out for the rest of your lives together? And honestly, sometimes it just takes the right detail or two. A clever centerpiece, a unique dance, or bringing in that one cocktail from your first date that reminds you of the butterflies and nervous giggles, and maybe even your first kiss.

With over a decade of experience planning weddings, my passion is creating unique, fun, and stress-free experiences for couples on their big day. No two weddings are alike, and each wedding speaks volumes about the couple. My goal is to bring each wedding story to life and make it extraordinary by using detailed planning and working with you on every aspect of your wedding from the vendor selection, logistics, coordination, down to the smallest meaningful details. I look forward to being part of your extraordinary wedding that portrays who you are as a couple and shares your love story with those you hold dear.

My past wedding planning experiences and dedication to you ensures that together we will create a wedding experience that is unforgettably you!

you’re in good hands and in the right place! 

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