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Their Story

Arielle and Bobby, were married on a brisk yet sunny Valentine’s Day where guests were transported from the streets of Saint Charles to a quaint but happening Mardi Gras Wedding in New Orleans. The couple’s passion for jazz, vibrant colors, friendship, family, and for each other could be seen and felt through this entire customized event. The couple’s choice of theme started with their love for music, in fact Bobby and Arielle had both been involved in music performances in their schools, church and community for years and wanted it to be a big part of their special day. It was music that set the stage for this Mardi-Gras themed event, immersing gusts in the melody of their love. 

The bright color choices served as a reflection of the couple’s charm and their affection for the mystery and allure that encapsulates New Orleans. Purple, being one of Mardi Gras unmistakable colors, just also happens to be the groom's favorite color. Abagail, founder of Elaborate Events, took note of this fun fact and made sure the masquerade mask Arielle held for their first look not only complimented the spirit of the dress and Arielle, but was also his favorite color. The Groom’s reaction to the beauty before him left not a dry eye in the house, including his own. The mask was such a hit that it showed up in several of the photos and scenes throughout the night. Abagail definitely had a hand in other allurements of the day but the mask is the one she put her heart into.

The night was filled with joy and laughter and the dance floor glowed with smiling faces. If there was anything awry none would know nor were aware, and why should they Abagail was there! She strolled the room eyes and ears attentively listening and fixing anything that could shatter the enchantment of the night. Now if you ever want to hear tales of the voodoo that tried to ruin the spell ask her to sit down over a Moscow Mule and it all will be revealed with pure delight as the enchantment won the night!

Featured Vendors:
Photo Booth – Top Notch
Photographer – Madeline Bridget Photography

February 14, 2015
Saint Charles, MO

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