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What happens when a Timelord and a bandit princess say “I Do?” The answer is pure magic. On a particularly sunny day in July, guests gathered in a lush garden filled with tokens of Gallifrey to celebrate the union of Abagail and Brendan. This is my own unique wedding story filled with music, laughter and enchantment. Our ceremony and reception took place at the Hollywood School House in Woodinville, Washington. On our big day, within this historic hall was brimming with roses, books and accents from our favorite Disney tales, and the cheerful celebration of our endearing love. The magic of that day gave way to a memorable and mesmerizing night of dancing under our own custom night sky projected onto the ceiling of the venue. It was a timeless moment for a timeless love. 

Every detail of my wedding had a meaning and a reason. This should not be surprising as the event itself was not only a representation of my relationship with Brendan, but also a reflection of my dream wedding. A wedding planner’s wedding has a magic all its own. My now husband and I have a fondness for Dr. Who, Hollywood, Fairy Tales, especially Beauty and the Beast, which we all brought together for our custom wedding theme. My groom always said that the ideal date would be watching Dr. Who while eating Indian food. This wish became a reality when we began dating, therefore making Dr. Who an integral part of our lives and our celebration. 

The life-sized Tardis was handmade by the groom and several of his friends. Everywhere you turned that day there it stood, in case the Doctor needed to be carried away to save the day. Escort cards for the reception were keys representing the key the Dr. gave out to his companions. This was our way of letting each of our guests know how special they are in our lives. The keys served as a reference to a very special wedding gift, a key to the Tardis, that Brendan gave me to honor our new journey as husband and wife. This made the whole concept that more special to me. Various elements from Dr. Who made an appearance throughout the event, especially the element of the rose. A rose has two meanings to myself and my husband. It references the companion of the same name, Rose from Dr. Who, a character who is described as the most beloved. The rose also signifies the enchanted rose from the classic Beauty and the Beast. My husband and I have a devout love for Disney, books, stories and themes of transformation along with Belle being my absolute favorite Disney Princess which made this a must within the spectrum of our literary and science fiction décor. 

Red roses and rose petals were scattered throughout the location from decorations at the ceremony site, to the Weeping Angel flower girls story box, and even the enchanted rose centerpieces. Mrs. Potts, Chip and a stunned Cogsworth even showed up to take part in the buffet. I even chose to incorporate Belle’s ball gown into my own bridal style, opting for a royal blue ball gown adorned in baroque-esque silver and gold beading. Later that night, I would change into a shorter dark blue and silver gown with Dr. Who Converse with moon and stars in my hair to reflect the night sky, which we chose to project over the dance floor. 

The night sky holds a special place in both of our hearts as many of our first several dates would often end with long walks under a star lit sky through the streets of LA and Hollywood where we first met. Time seemed to stand still for us on those nights which Brendan, the Time Lord attributed to me being part time bandit. My Timelord is known to have said that when someone spends time with me, that I take them on an adventure that they don’t want to end. 

I wanted to recreate such an adventure for one of the most important days of my life. An adventure through space and time where our love as a couple and for our dearest family and friends would flood the galaxy.

Featured Vendors:
Florist- Flora D' Amore
Photographer- Rae Judnich Photography
Cake- Cupcake Royale
Wedding Attire- Celeste Boutique

July 7,2018
Hollywood Schoolhouse | Woodinville, WA

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