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Their Story

On a sun filled yet blustery day the wind guided friends and family to the magical union of Nicole and Joshua. From the moment guests entered the door, to taking their seats in anticipation of the ceremony starting all could feel the spell of love that surrounded and flowed through the venue. The entire day was filled with enchantments, beloved traditions, spell casting, dancing,  laughter, and honor for the beautiful couple and all they held dear. It was truly a mesmerizing and memorable day for all.

The brisk weather was perfectly integrated into the couple’s theme where Hogwarts, Jewish Traditions, military service, and a shared passion for the arts all came together for their wedding day. Hogwarts holds a very special place in both Nicole’s and Joshua’s hearts as it was where Josh proposed, so it isn’t surprising that its magical presence flowed through their wedding day. Hogwarts mementos, art, and apparel were sprinkled through the space accompanied by and paired with beautiful water colored décor created by the bride to show off her love for painting and art. The performing arts were specially what brought this Navy veteran couple together. That love for art also glowed from the beautiful Tree of Wisdom Ketubah created by Debra Band for just this occasion. The words of the Ketubah are surrounded in gorgeous colors and details representing the seasons and cycle of life all culminating in A Love for All Seasons.

The Ketubah and Wedding Ceremony could not have been officiated by anyone other than Rabbi Julie Schwartz who was the very first female active duty Jewish Rabbi in the US Navy. Both Nicole and Joshua had served in the Navy and Rabbi Schwartz understood the challenges and changes they both had faced while serving. Rabbi Schwartz helped the couple to celebrate this integral part their histories much like their Jewish Heritage they were brought up in and hold so dear.

The day, as magical as it was, with all their friends and family there, was a little less than complete for Nicole as her mother had passed away just a year before. However, her mother’s presence and memory could certainly be felt. Nicole put together a special chair adorned in her mother’s family Tartan, along with her family crest pin and photos of them together to show her spirit, love and presence was with them always. This special touch in addition to culminating with the love of all who attended proved that there was no doubt that the love they have for each other and all their guests wasn’t merely an enchantment—but undeniably real and flowed through their entire beings.

It was an honor for Abbey to be such an integral part of Joshua and Nicole’s magical day.
Seeing as Nicole is also a very dear friend she was more than happy to take the job when Nicole asked to help co- coordinate the couple’s big day with the planner from Cincinnati to ensure it was as magical as the couple had dreamed it to be. Per her experience in the film production world she knew when flipping a room every minute counts so she delegated and kept everyone on task while resolving any issues that came up. Where there wasn’t a designation for certain décor items she quickly tapped into her interior design background and found the best and most aesthetic solution for the setting. Every detail for the day had been meticulously planned and Abagail made sure each and every one of the details that held meaning for the couple were seen and felt by all who attended. A spell was truly cast, and all were lucky to experience the magic.

Featured Vendors:
Photographer- Leah Kelley Photography
Florist- OKOTA Floral Designs

April 14
Newport Carnegie Hall | Cincinnati, OH

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